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[ O-J: Erina Marant} by AniOnna
[ O-J: Erina Marant}

:iconodd-jobs: Yes, I am joining againnnnn. 

Name: Erina C. Marant
Age: 16 years old
Gender: Female

Height: 150 cm (4'11)
Weight: 53 kg (119 pounds)

Team: Black Team


Swordsmanship  She always carries around a red umbrella, which actually has a sword inside it.
Acting  Active member of the drama club in her school prior to joining The Academy Activity Support Club.

Tool of Choice : Umbrella. (Sword)


( + ) Childish | Carefree | Tsundere(?) | Fearless
( - ) Violent | Sadistic | Selectively Social | Intimidating

Looking all sweet, Erina enjoys shocking others by her attitude. She has a tendency to be careless and do things by impulse, often resulting to people getting irritated of her. She's also the type to be insensitive and quite stubborn; in fact, she almost always needs a parental figure to watch over her. With a sharp toungue and devious personality,

Erina's always thinking of fun and how to raise her adrenaline up, excitement is the greatest thing for her.

Like everyone though, she has a bad side. The only thing with hers is that, she can be very violent and sadistic when angered. Most of the time, she likes to give people her signature glare to warn them that she's in a pissed mode. Another thing is that, despite her efforts in trying to socialize, she's still picky in befriending people and doesn't really think first of how hurtful she can be.


:bulletgreen: Excitement.
:bulletgreen: Eating food.
:bulletgreen: Her family.
:bulletgreen: Different forms of music.
:bulletgreen: Actually doing something good for once.


:bulletred: Lack of privacy.
:bulletred: Boredom.
:bulletred: People speaking ill of her father.
:bulletred: Doing something wrong by accident.
:bulletred: Sour food.


                She was born in Bordeaux, France. Born into a wealthy family handled by Adrien Marant, CEO and President of a rather known fashion brand (Marionette), Erina has always been exposed to fashion due to her father's work. The purplette quickly showed her interest in the same work, and was often found near her father if not at home, school, or fencing practice. A spoiled child she was, Erina always caught her father's attention and clearly a favorite. She attended a private school during her time in France. As for her mother, Erina never really got close to her mother. A woman who was only two years younger than her father, Erina's mother was a well known fashion designer that aided her father when the branch was becoming more popular yet despite this, her mother and father were married under agreement terms. No relationship formed prior to the engagement. Erina didn't really know that much about marriage or relationships, so she didn't really mind that much about the tension between her parents.

That is until her mother soon went home one night, filled with rage. That night, the entire house was silent and the only thing one could hear was the yelling of her mother. Erina's father had a child outside of the family prior to their marriage, and that led to her mother to grow in jealousy. Adrien never knew about the child, but he did know that he was in love with a woman before. It was a woman that he had known since college, which had moved to another country only a few months after their night. It didn't take long for divorce papers to placed on the table and the news to spread of the "outside" child. Adrien may have lost a number of workers and benefactors, but he did not lose his custody of Erina. He tried to be optimistic around the 6 year old, which actually worked without him realizing. A couple years passed, things were fine again and the scandal had long gone to bother them.

It was only when Erina was 9 years old that her father receive contact from the same woman he had the "outside" child with, and they were invited to visit Japan. A couple more visits, then an invitation to move to Japan, soon enough Erina found a new mother and big brother that she actually liked and grew close to.


:bulletblack: Most of the time, she refers to people by her first impression of them.
:bulletblack: She's not really smart, in fact up until now, she's still trying to get used to speaking Japanese. 
:bulletblack: Her swordsmanship skills is because of her joining a fencing club back in France, even when she quit. She still kept practicing.
:bulletblack: Her old brother actually owns a small restaurant, sometimes she helps there.



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